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Kiki's little walk

Then winter will come… to cover everything in snow.


Meet Pudding, the Photogenic Fox That’s too Friendly to be Released Into the Wild


Brussels - Belgium (von saigneurdeguerre)

When you think about it, you need to be who you are around those you like. But you can’t always be self-center and just think about yourself. You have to think about others.
Yeah, it’s not something this ‘single’ person should be talking about … But it’s an idea which I really wish I can be aware of all the time. Can’t always be thinking that it would go “my way”. Don’t you think? If everyone in the world think that things will work the way they want … Well that’s a disaster. But maybe this is what differentiates a long term relationship with a short one. You can’t always expect the significant other to make the move. If you like him/her, just make the move. Maybe because I am concerned about my body image and always compare myself with others, I just can’t accept who I really am.
It’s one of those questions we try to answer, “who am I?”
You are you, but your life is no longer just ‘you’. A part of you, is in those you met, those you learned with, those you work with. You are in everyone.

College student right now. Love to reblog food, animal, cute and funny things. Gotta love them Arashi, Kis-My-Ft2, Kpop, and of course those voice actors from awesome anime and games. Follow and ask if you want <3

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